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Her personality reflects who she is in BNHA – A cute and very feminine high school girl with an overly blood thirsty appetite. ❤

Why Toga is the best

What else could you need other than a top-class waifu?


Tog’s high quality music module
allows us to stream music to your server
with no lag, no crackling, and a ton of effects!


Toga is currently equipped with tools that allow you to kick, ban, mute, and more so you can keep the rule-breakers out!


Toga has all the reaction commands you could ever need from patting a user on the head to slapping them silly.

NSFW 18+

Toga also has some NSFW commands
which you can disable if you would like.
Just in case you want to spice
it up a little in your server


Toga is fully equipped with Starboard! Save only the best messages and  memories inside your server.


Toga is a bot chalked full of anime goodness. from commands to waifus, and even games!

Seen enough? Invite Toga Today!

24/7 Operation

Always Online

League of VilliaIns Quality

Toga is more than a Multi-Use Bot, She’s a Top Quality Bot which means only the best quality commands make the cut.

24/7 Support

We have a team of support staff ready to help you whenever your having trouble.

you are in good hands


We are the developers of Toga.

Owner & Head Developer
“Hi, I’m Alexa and I will think of something to put here later [insert smug anime girl here]”
Pseudo Bot Dev
“The Cake is a Lie”
Pseudo Bot Dev
“This is Filler”

What Toga's Users Say:

Toga is a great bot to get any discord server going, I personally like how toga gives the feeling of family because of the interaction capability the bot has!
Bot Developer
Our story

About Us

Toga was created as an outlet for new ideas and the birth of new features not yet seen in other bots, or even new ways of accomplishing what other bots already do.

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Voting helps Toga gain popularity and keeps the developers working to make her better and better!

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Welcome to the Toga Discord Bot Official Website!



Feel free to look around and give feedback in our Discord Server Here